It’s being about 10 days from the day I went to CFC and the day I’m writing these words. I’m still pondering over ALL that was accomplished by the Lord during the almost 3 days I was with Britt and Shannon. If I was to write just one sentence it will be:

“My life will never be the same”.  

We can read the Bible over and over but it’s not until we have an encounter with the living God that we truly know we have been loved and known,as He says, before He formed us in our mom’s womb ( Jeremiah 1:5). 

It’s in knowing that we are loved and known that we find rest for our soul and the strength to let go and let Him be the God He wants to be for us. It’s all about relationship. Trust is key for relationships to thrive. This time with Britt and Shannon gave me that. I KNOW I can trust Him with my life. These days at CFC gave me a deeper understanding of His Grace, His understanding towards our brokenness and His faithful presence throughout my life. He is a patient God, we read, but it is a completely different revelation when we see how patient, gracious, merciful and understanding He has been.  

Only when we truly receive Him in that way, is that we can give Him away to others. We can not give what we have not received yet. 

Besides the deep inner healing that was accomplished, I got to take with me many nuggets of wisdom the Lord gave me here and there. 

First, if you have doubts about  inner healing, I can tell you it is real and it works!!!  

Second, The Lord was able to do a marvelous work in me ONLY because two beautiful saints, Britt and Shannon have allowed Him to do the work in them. They have yielded their lives to the King for His purposes. We are put on this earth with a purpose written inside of us. That purpose has nothing to do with us but with the lives we are going to impact by and through the life of Jesus in us. It’s a ripple effect that will be interrupted if we don’t take the time to heal those areas that are hindering our full obedience to the King. 

There are many on the other side of our obedience. 

Britt and Shannon offer the safest place I’ve ever been to for the Spirit of God to do the deep work in our heart.

We all have those areas we would prefer to ignore…. it might be painful to look at them but I can tell you IT WILL BE WORTHY!!!!  

I have found myself back to the same life I left but I AM NOT THE SAME!!!  Just now writing about it I have tears of joy in my eyes. Nothing has changed but the healing in me has changed my perspective about my life and what the King wants to do with it all! 

As I said at the beginning, it’s been about 10 days since I came back from CFC. I can not tell you is magic and that you will never have to CHOOSE to be healed. But like when Jesus was prophesying to the disciples that He would return to the Father, but then He reassured them that He would not leave them alone but He would send the Holy Spirit to help them, Britt and Shannon don’t leave you alone!  They offer you ALL the tools you will need to continue to keep your heart free from the bondage of your past! They sent you out a new you who is equipped to walk out the FREEDOM unveiled by Holy Spirit.

The question now is: 

HOW TIRED ARE YOU OF BUMPING OVER THE SAME ISSUES??   If and when you are ready I wouldn’t recommend a better place than CFC. 

I encourage you to do your part in the Restoring of the generations!!!  For you and your children and your children’s children! 


I had the honor of being the photographer of Britt and Shannon’s wedding. To tell the story fully, I’m going to start from the beginning. I went the CFC ministry with Britt and Shannon and came away feeling like I could approach the throne of grace with MUCH more confidence, and leave actually hearing God’s heart and desires for me. While there, I felt the Lord put on my heart to shoot Britt and Shannon’s wedding. Not long after, they asked me to be their photographer.

While shooting the wedding, the glory of God was so thick and beautiful. It’s hard to put His presence into words, especially when each time it’s a bit different. But His excitement was to be loud and obvious to anyone who took the time to pause and listen and watch: this was His story unfolding.

I felt God asked me to give this wedding photography as a gift. Freely given. But, He rewards those who follow Him! After the trip to GA from OH, I’ve felt close to Him in a way I haven’t for quite sometime. I missed this part of Him. I think it’s one of His gifts back to me for gifting something to His beloved. 🙂 

One of the things that continues to reoccur is just how worshipful marriage is. I’ve been in tears the entire time editing and in a beautiful dance of worshiping + editing. Which after this trip, I realized even editing and shooting a camera is one of the ways I worship Him.
Going to CFC, learning to really hear my Father’s voice, and shooting this wedding changed my life forever. It’s been so fascinating watching His story unfold with these two!

-Samantha Shively