The Identity Retreat Package, discussed in detail below, is our main offering for those seeking personal ministry, a closer relationship to the Lord, or even rekindling a lost fire you once had for God. We also participate, accommodate, and officiate events such as weddings, marriage counseling, baptisms and dedications, ordinations, funerals, and renewal of wedding vows. Whether you are celebrating, mourning, or somewhere in between, we offer our time and resources on the journey.

Identity Retreat Package

2.5 days for individuals/ 5 days for couples


One on One Individualized Personal ministry sessions focused specifically on the individual. (6+ hrs day)

Take home folders with detailed and personalized notes for each one of your sessions

Personalized Teachings and trainings to equip the individual how to walk their journey out with success

Specific scriptures unique to where you are and to apply to your individual journey

Personalized identity statements to help bring a renewal of the mind through changing the thought patterns and belief systems that the enemy has used against you

Prayer, Prophecy, and Dream session- this helps the individual see where the Lord is taking them, and a time for them to discuss how to walk in all the Lord has revealed

Follow up & Personal connections for help down the road

The Sessions

Session 1: “Getting to Know Me”

Sessions 2, 3, and 4: “Identity Restoration”
This is the deep dive into the things that have kept you from fulfilling your purpose and destiny on this earth

Session 5: “Prayer, Prophecy, and Dream Session”

Can Also Be Included Upon Request

Baptism and Renewal of Marriage Vows

Total Package is 15 Hours per Person

Each session is 3+ hours
Each session begins at 10am and 3pm