At CFC, the ‘We’ is more than the ministers. God is the author of all the work seen through our doors. We are partners with Him; We are passionate in hearing from Him. And He is always faithful to speak. Here are a few ways that is manifested:

Personal Ministry

Pre-marital & Marriage Ministry




Spiritual Gifts & 5 fold Ministry Training

Worship Services

Intercessory Prayer Training & Connections

Conferences & Speaking Engagements

Videos & Teachings

Personal Ministry With Healing Results of:

Separation from God,  The Orphan Heart, The Unloving Spirit, Abortions,  Addictions, Disease and Illnesses,  Death, Marriage Struggles,  Sexual Trauma, Sex Trafficking Trauma,  Divorce, Religious Strongholds, PTSD, Trauma, Shock, Tragedy,  Dissociative Identity Disorder,  Emotion and Physical Abuse,  Neglect,  Betrayal,  Fear,   Relationship Restoration of Families, Unforgiveness,  Rejection,  Anger,  Rage,  Bitterness,  Control, Manipulative Personality, Anxiety,  Panic Disorder, Victim Mentality,  Worry,  Oppression, Depression, Hopelessness, Despair,  Disappointment, Guilt,  Shame, Blame Condemnation, Identity Issues,  Gender Confusion,  Loss, Abandonment, Failure, Job Loss, Insecurities,  Infidelity,  Lust, Pornography,  Nightmares, Torment, Offense,  Pride, Rebellion,  Fear of Man, Phobias,  Crisis Response,  Over Performing,  Loss of Control and more. We see many physical healings that come from the healing of these spiritual roots. If you are suffering with any of these conditions, please know, there is hope and the Lord has a plan for your life.

You are not alone, CFC is here to help.

He forgives all our sins and heals all our diseases. 

Psalm 103:3