Now that I am about three months out of my personal time with CFC Ministries, I have come to discover that their ministry was paramount in helping to restore me to God on a deeply-foundational level. When I first arrived in Canton in July, I was, in simplest terms, an emotional, mental, and spiritual mess and had no idea what I was getting myself into. I honestly didn’t even know what I was battling internally but I knew I was in trauma mode and desperate for relief. Through three and a half days of personal ministry with CFC (yep, that’s how they roll!), I came to realize I was unconsciously believing several lies about who God really is and lies about who I am.  I realized that I was walking in subconscious fear and idolatry of self (yuck!) even though I would have told anyone that I was/am not a fearful person.  I struggled with the notion of having to be perfect and this lie unintentionally carried over into my personal relationships and manifested as me constantly being agitated (or angry even) with no idea as to what was stirring me up.  In essence, I had no peace and no idea how to get it.  As the three of us processed my junk (which was eventually revealed to have its roots in childhood trauma), and via the leading of the Holy Spirit, I was able to gradually replace those lies with the Truth and as a result, I came into total alignment with God and was ultimately delivered of the fear/anger that relentlessly tortured me internally.  I can now say I am a different person as an outcome of my time with CFC (Yes, I know that is a big statement, but I truly believe this about myself) and my wife and my kids have all said the same about me.  With the lies and the fear now removed, I now have that peace that surpasses all understanding (Phil 4:7) which is indicative of healing/restoration – and I am learning how to love myself and how to love others selflessly rather than selfishly.  I am learning how to become a FRIEND of God – my new, ultimate desire!  My familial relationships are being restored and redeemed and I just can’t get enough of His goodness!  I am boldly and powerfully walking in a new-found hope and confidence.  My hope is that all of you can experience even a small taste of the radical transformation that I have come to know – which started during my time with CFC!

– David

When I got to CFC I had begun to already sort of ”wake up” and saw that many things were out of line in my life. I had no idea how to move forward I just knew I couldn’t stay where I was. I had always known that I was made for something more but was always just waiting for life to happen to me/I didn’t know how to make that “more“ happen. Upon arriving we dove deep-super deep and immediately dealt with some pretty massive childhood trauma that I had repressed. Britt, Shannon and some other ministers they work with along with most especially, the Holy Spirit helped me face and recognize these and subsequently deal with them appropriately. As I spent time there I began to discover why I had always felt “less than” my whole life and why I never really believed anything good about myself. I began to shift that terrible perspective and line it up with more of how God truly sees me and I began then and am now even more seeing myself that way. I have more clarity about my life than I ever have. I honestly felt like I was asleep/unconscious for a lot of my life and I’m awake now. My personal time at CFC was the most encouraging experience I’ve ever had and I sometimes struggle through tears talking about it because it was so incredibly life changing on so many levels for me. I see more of my purpose in this life and what I believe I was made for and am really excited about all of the possibilities God has for me. I felt previously that I wasn’t sure if I was doing what I was supposed to be doing-I felt I was flying blind-after my time there I feel I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be doing what I’m created to do-very often. Through CFC I came to realize I was my biggest critic/my own worst enemy and my dark thoughts about myself are what was really holding me back from my potential. No more of that for me, I’m dreaming big and going for great now because I know and BELIEVE now that I was created for amazing things.

– Nicole

It was a long ride to Georgia on a motorcycle and so very worth it! Britt and Shannon are amazing! Working together seamlessly, they have found that elusive balance point between challenge and grace. They created a safe and sacred space for me to experience God in unprecedented ways! I was challenged to take an honest look at my life (past and present) and trust Jesus to begin re-writing the stories that I’ve told myself for 40+ years, BUT I was supported and encouraged each step of the way as I opened myself to Jesus. Looking back now, it seems like they created a Spirit-rich environment for me to discover the “Easy Button” in my life. Things that always seemed difficult before…things that once took great effort…seem to happen almost naturally now. Working in tandem with God, it seems they helped me find the keys to open the door to my true self…the man God created me to be…but always seemed just out of reach. Shannon and Britt both have strong natural gifts, but it is their supernatural gifting that makes CFC Ministries what it is AND worth a ten hour motorcycle ride in the rain!

– Jeff

Words can’t describe the beauty we experienced at CFC. Our family (husband, wife, and 9 week old baby) attended. Our lives, and the lives our our children, are forever changed. CFC helped us unveil the secret, tormenting roots of our lives and set us free, launching us into freedom, hope, and the ability to see and experience the abundant riches God has for our lives. We look at life from a completely different, clear-eyed perspective. Because CFC helped bring us healing in our relationship with God, we can now connect on a personal relationship with Jesus we didn’t even know was possible. This has changed everything. We walked away with understanding of how to practically battle the enemy and truly have a richer life. It feels so good to experience true freedom from fear, shame, etc. and to now have more intimacy and enjoyment of God, each other, and life. During our time of sharing, we felt cared for, discovered, and honored. You won’t be sorry investing in your relationship with the Lord, which effects all of life, by attending this beautiful ministry. 

– Joseph and Samantha

When I think about the me before CFC, I hardly recognize myself. I used to live in a place of pride, fear, and rejection. I was frustrated because I knew there was a better life out there but I just did not know how to access the love that God had for me. After my time at CFC, I am glad to say I now know about the love of God to a completely different level. My time at the ministry was beyond fantastic, and everyday since then God’s grace and love have brought me deeper into more truth and freedom. Shannon and Britt give you tools and teach you how to use them, love on you, and help you see lies and truth in your life. Now I live each moment of life as an adventure of trust. Thank you, Jesus! 

– Scarlet

If you asked people to describe me you would have received comments such as: “full of energy, joyful, consistent, loves the Lord”. The first time I heard God’s voice, I was 9. I have been in Missions, led Women’s Ministry, High School Ministry, Intercession teams, and been involved with in-depth Bible studies for 22 years. I’m 52, personal trainer, group fitness instructor and manage the Pilates and GF department at one of the best facilities in St. Louis. My entire life – physically, emotionally, and spiritually I have been in high gear.  I walked into CfC ministries desperate and burned out. I could no longer handle the inner torment of fear, self-hatred, rejection, and accusation. My body was breaking down. I hated the battle that was going on in my mind and spiritually I compared myself to others and found myself lacking. I was desperate for freedom, wholeness, and rest.

Britt and Shannon wasted no time. With a peace that is rare, an anointing I have not seen before, they drew me out with questions. With gentle persistence they would not allow me to back away from the pain of certain life events.  Without condemnation and judgment, they taught me how I had participated with the enemy, how I had reacted to relationships or events in my life. They helped me hear and see God; they spoke truth and prayed me through until I was whole and free. They are powerfully gifted to see where people are at and the wisdom to help them into freedom.

For the first time in 52 years, I feel free. I know exactly who I am in Christ and what my purpose is. I have a deep joy knowing the joy that the Father has over me. I am equipped for an abundant life in the Spirit and the knowledge on how to fight the enemy and cast down lies. I see what comes from God and what does not. My past no longer has a negative effect on my present relationships with family, friends, or God. I am different, I am whole, I am free, and I am at rest – thank you, Jesus! Truth has been applied to every relationship and every painful or confusing circumstance. I have more clarity and the hopeful expectation as I walk out that my sight and hearing will continue to grow.  I am extremely grateful for the faithfulness of God, how He kept me and sustained me, and led me to Come Follow Christ ministries. They have helped change the trajectory of my life and have set me up to receive all God has for me in my relationship with Him.

-Lisa McLain