What if I would like to come to the worship services you offer? You would need to contact CFC ministries via email or phone. Let us know if you would like to attend. At that time we will send you the needed information. 

How often do you have worship services at the ministry house? Typically, we have worship services every other Friday night- twice a month. This schedule is continually being adjusted. Please contact our ministry line for information. 

Is this a typical church service? No, this is a Holy Spirit led worship service. It is free flowing and Holy Spirit led service. We have a pastoral leader and a worship leader who are beautifully gifted in allowing the Lord to lead the flow and the direction. 

Will there be food and drinks? There will be coffee and water available. We do host a service every once in a while that will have food. That is our “Food, Family and Friends service”. 

Can I bring friends? Yes, you may! We simply ask that you let us know before hand as to how many will be attending with you. 

How can I know when the services are scheduled? Once you have come to our service, you may ask to be on the bi- monthly invitation list. It is sent out by text on the Monday prior and will alert you of the worship service that will be held that week. 

Is there childcare? No, there is no childcare available. While we would love to have that available to you; unfortunately it is not available at this time. You may bring your children as long as they are capable of staying seated and well behaved. We want people to be free without interruptions to receive what the Lord has for them.